Infectious Diseases that Often Occur in Schools

School children often contract the disease suffered by classmates. Being together in one classroom and sitting close to a sick child makes your child more vulnerable to infectious diseases. Mother, know infectious diseases that often occur in schools and prevention so that your child is not easily sick. Children are more at risk of communicable diseases. This is because children do not yet have a strong immune system like adults. They also may not have healthy habits or should always be reminded by adults, such as washing hands before eating. Diseases to Look Out for at School Mother may have found your child home with a state of fever, lethargy, coughing, or complaining of a sore throat. Cough and laryngitis are indeed infectious diseases that often occur in schools, but there are several other infectious diseases that also need to be aware of, namely: Acute respiratory infections (ARI) ARI is an infectious disease caused by infections in the respiratory tract that are oft
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